Tools & Administration

Tools & Administration
DesignManager, Statistics, Import & Export

SITEFORUM includes a variety useful integrated tools that allows you to administer portals fast and easy. Powerful design manager easily adopts complex corporate designs to your portal. Easy to set up and use e-mail manager. File manager enables the uploading of hundreds of files at once to the server, as well as supporting data exchange with import & export filters.
All these tools make SITEFORUM easy-to-use and easy-to-manageÂ…anywhere, using only a Web browser.

Portal Administration

  • File manager: Transfers static files directly to the portal server. Logos, documents, meta files,, and more, as well as,the transfer of ZIP files including the generation of server-side extracting and folder files.
  • System e-mail management: Send out automated system messages like welcome, password inquiry, story delivery to subscribers, order confirmation, and more. Customizable using WYSIWYG functionality for professional layout. System messages are stored and can be checked by authorized personnel at anytime.
  • Banner management: Placement, management and reporting for banners are shown in the portal.
  • Shortcut Management: Link directly to menus, forums, and folders by portal managers.
  • Examples: or
  • Integrated Full Text Search: Published content is indexed and can be searched and recalled with keywords and Boolean operators. The assignment of access rights manages who sees what.
  • Subscription Management: Reporting for all subscribtion-based deliveries, including subscriber and content.

Design Manager, Layouts and Templates

SITEFORUM's Design Manager offers simple, incremental steps to change fonts, background colors, icons and logos. Logos, story-related pictures, product photos and icons can be uploaded to, checked and deleted in the assigned SITEFORUM server folder by using the picture browser. Changing design for story layout easy and handled here,

Accessing application master design using the design manager and layout modules allows for easy and modular adoption of the entire designs (menus, login area, etc)

Design manager functionality is available to admin level users and to users, assigned designer status.

  • MasterSets: Select from screenshots of pre-defined MasterSets combining different combinations of colors, fonts, logos, and layouts (MasterDesign, DesignModule). Background colors, fonts, logos, icons, layouts, and master designs may be changed at anytime.
  • MasterDesigns: Arrange layout modules as placeholders using defined master designs. Can be changed individually. A WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) editor can be used so that no HTML knowledge needed for simple changes.
  • DesignModule: DesignModules are placeholders for functions, which may be used in Master Designs. Adoptable by parameters.
  • DesignTemplates: Story Templates, Intro Templates, Product Templates, and Shop Intro Templates are Design Templates, describing the layout of stories and products-with placeholders and HTML. Available placeholders, CSS background colors, fonts and special characters are listed in the lower frame.
  • Viewer: All the locally stored pictures (*.jpg, *.jpeg and *.gif) can be loaded directly into the server, picture folders; using the integrated, picture editor to edit the size of picture.
  • Color palette: Palette selection can be pre-assigned and changed with simple icon selection. Different palettes can be easily loaded using the palette frames. These can be individually assigned. Combinations can be easily generated, dynamically.
  • Export / Import: Export allows for archiving of designs. All the parameters of the design modules for master designs can be reconstructed individually.

Statistics Manager

  • Portal reporting: Records and reports he number of hits and visitors, by user categories, registrations of last 5 days, visitor hits, visitor numbers, and totals (tallied and distributed into categories, like guest, regulated, and admin), as well as, new entries of last 5 days, and total visitors of last 5 days
  • Page Impressions: Stores and reports "Clicks" showing the area(s) visited; example home page, menus, documents, shop, polls, and others.
  • Keywords: Stores and Reports statistics about searches made
  • Click Rate History: Collects and reports ?click? history selectable basis as per week, per month, per timeframe, per menu and others.
  • More statistics: Story Report, Shop Report, Banner Report, Campaign Report, Poll Report