Sales & Support

Sales & Support
Catalogues, Web Shop, Payment, Forums & Real Time Conferences, Knowledgebase

SITEFORUM has what you need to sell products and services via Web, to organize provide secure and rapid payment; to provide outstanding support in public or private forums and conferences; and to professionally deal with inquiries and complaints.

Catalogues & Online Shop

  • SITEFORUM Merchant: Manage catalogs, orders, shopping carts, product searches, currency calculations and back office functionalities. It allows the processing of customer inquiries quickly and automatically. Hierarchically arranged catalogues with tempates. Pre-defined shipping and payment options.
  • Catalogue management: Enables you to create and manage many complex catalogues, limitlessly.
  • Product management: Creates, edits, references, and deletes product information
  • Order management: Track and reports order status, print invoices and shipment documents. Finds assigned customer information
  • Statistics management: Creates detailed, configurable reports, available in real-time.

Forums, Discussions

  • Forum management: Creates and manages an unlimited number of forums, public and private with, access control by user group, with our without a moderator,, and includes archiving and full text search capability.


  • Handles multiple inquiries concerning different topics in an easy-to-use, professional manner. Questions are posted and can be answered by all participants. Inquiries show status by color for quick analysis. Completed inquiries are archived, building a knowledgebase. Each case can be searched and recalled by full-text search.