Infrastructure & Components

Infrastructure & Components
PortalBuilder, Development Studio, Application Server & Security

With SITEFORUM® you base your Online Business and Web Presence on a stable foundation. Because the SITEFORUM infrastructure consists of proven and stable components. These components are delivering critical business functions today. They are based on open, Internet standards delivering the benefits of security, customization, integration, scalability and investment protection.

SITEFORUM consists of these components:

  • SITEFORUM Portal Server - application server, based on Java(tm)
  • SITEFORUM Portal Builder - enables the dynamic and automated creation of SITEFORUM based portals
  • SITEFORUM Studio a web-based, integrated development environment used to create, customize, and integrate SITEFORUM based applications
  • SITEFORUM dbAnywhere Universal, web-based, database browser; allows users to connect to any RDBMS via JDBC and offers a vast array of features.
  • SITEFORUM Codelager® Technology enables the management of the central SITEFORUM business logic and makes migration, updates and customization easy and painless.
  • SITEFORUM Instant Updater - enables and manages the use of the SITEFORUM Update Server. The Update Server delivers the latest portal server updates to your SITEFORUM installation. This updates can include Codelager®, Portalbuilder, and other SITEFORUM components.

SITEFORUM Portal applications:

  • SITEFORUM portal applications come with turn-key functionality, instant use, and installed applications and are ready to use almost immediately after installation. These applications are multi-user and are used, as you assign, by the portals built in your SITEFORUM installation. A single server can create and manage hundreds of independend portals with SITEFORUM.
  • All portals on the server are independent - that is, they use their own database instance and their own file / directory structures. The SITEFORUM Instant Updater and SITEFORUM¬ís CODELAGER® Technology ensure that the portals are always up-to-date can even accommodate your own extensions and customizations.
  • SITEFORUM applications can be extended, customized, integrated or created using the the SITEFORUM Studio development environment. This is part of the SITEFORUM Enterprise Suite© and enables programmers to access the source code of any application. New applications can be generated and integrated with the existing SITEFORUM portal infrastructure. All SITEFORUM-based applications are totally platform-independent and web-based.
  • SITEFORUM is available as ready-to-go installations for all major operating systems and hardware environments. It is browser-based and open for many end-user devices such as PCs, PDAs . Smartphones via Internet Browsers.
SITEFORUM facilitates, and is based on, these open Internet standards: Standard protocols, services and products such as:
  • XML
  • LDAP
  • SQL
  • HTTP
  • POP3
  • SMTP
  • Cookies
  • Session Management
  • Java APIs such as RMI, JavaMail, Java2D, Java3D etc.
  • Java Servlets
  • Shell Scripts in Linux / Unix / Windows environments (via $process; synchronous and asynchronous).
  • Input / Output operations on file system
  • 3DES encryption
  • Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  • SMS
  • Webservices
  • MD5, BASE64 encoding / decoding

Integrated and ready-to-go 3rd party software

  • Java(TM) Runtime Environment 1.4.x
  • Apache Webserver 2.x
  • Tomcat Servlet Engine 4.x
  • MySQL Database Server 4.x (Server License)
  • supports other RDBMS via integrated JDBC drivers such as:
  • Oracle 8i & Oracle 9i, Microsoft SQL Server 7 & Microsoft SQL Server 2000,
  • SAP DB

"Ready-to-go" installations available for:

  • Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows NT
  • SuSE Linux (Version 8 and higher)
  • Redhat Linux (Version 8 and higher)
  • Mandrake Linux (Version 9 and higher)
  • Mac OS X (Version 10.2 and higher)
  • SUN Solaris (Version 8 and higher)


  • SITEFORUM Studio: The Web-based, integrated development, and administration environment for specific integration and customization. Studio can be used to customize, extend, and integrate the SITEFORUM Portal application. It provides access to the business logic (SQL, SITEFORUM Script), the presentation logic (HTML, Javascript, Java Applets, Java Servlets) and all other supported programming (XML, SQL, PHP, CORBA, ASP, JNI, EJB). This allows customizing SITEFORUM to your specific business needs beyond the standard included applications.
  • Logviewer: The logviewer gives access to all the logfiles on the SITEFORUM server. This includes log and configuration files for Apache, Tomcat, SITEFORUM, portal instances (application traffic and requests) and many more.
  • Backup Manager: The backup manager enables portal masters to create powerful backup profiles that run in a scheduled, background process and backup your portal applications and databases, as well as, static files and documents.

SITEFORUM dbAnywhere

  • Universal database browser: SITEFORUM dbAnywhere can be used to explore and manage the structure and data in the SITEFORUM Portal database or other databases. SITEFORUM DbAnywhere is based on open standards such as JDBC & ODBC and can communicate with any relational and SQL capable database system (RDBMS) using a web-browser.

SITEFORUM Portalbuilder

  • Dynamic Portal Deployment: SITEFORUM Portalbuilder allows the dynamic installation of new portals on the SITEFORUM server. It creates a fully functional portal which is immediately ready-to-use.
  • Sophisticated Reports: Administrators can use a vast array of reports to determine and track the behavior of their portals and applications. Reports show requests, traffic and response times on the application level. Administrators can review all portal instances on the server and fine-tune configuration settings.
  • Manage Portals: Administrators can create / delete portals at any time and update existing portals with new business logic.
  • Multiple Target Databases: Sophisticated database preferences allow administrators to create portals in various supported relational database management systems.